Incom-MonCal R-wing Fighter/Interceptor

Craft: Incom-MonCal R-wing Fighter/Interceptor
Type: Starfighter
Length: 20.5 meters
Weapons: Four heavy laser cannons, two warhead launchers with 18 concussion missiles or 22 proton torpedoes
Crew: One Pilot, One Radar Intercept Officer (can be substituted with an R5, G8 or M3PO droid)
Top Speed: 190 MGLT
Affiliation: New Rebuplic

     The R-wing project was at first brought up by the FreiTek corporation thirty years after the Galactic Civil War. But, the New Republic, happy with the fighters they already produced, rejected the idea.
     Thirty-seven years later, Incom found the data on the R-wing and presented it to the New Republic Council. The Council, knowing that the power, speed, and durability of this fighter was desperately needed, ordered Incom to begin manufacturing the R-wing. Quickly, the fighter was rushed into production. Using better technologies and an alliance with MonCal productions, the R-wing was soon born. With better engines, hyperdrive, shields, weapons, and armor, the R-wing quickly became the fleet's top defender.
     With the invasion of the Obitus Gelu, the R-wing Fighter/Interceptor has much more to prove to the galaxy. It is quite fast and well-armed. An enemy fighter can feel no worse fear than an R-wing on it's tail.