Mon Calamari MC80 Cruiser

Craft: Mon Calamari MC80 Cruiser
Type: Capital Ship
Length: 1.3 kilometers
Weapons: 48 Computer Targeted Laser Cannons, Two Warhead Launchers
Crew: 5,402 persons
Top Speed: 10 MGLT
Affiliation: Rebel Alliance

     It was not until the entry of the Mon Calamari into the Rebellion that the Rebel forces gained capital starships with which to combat the Star Destroyers. The huge battle cruisers of the Mon Calamari are modified versions of the deep-space exploration vessels their builders have for decades. Before they became war ships, they were used by the Mon Calamari to increase their understanding of the universe around them. Each Mon Calamari Cruiser carries two X-wings, three Y-wings, and one A-wing.
     Heavily armored and full of firepower, the Mon Calamari Cruiser is a force against the Empire. It is the flagship for the Rebel Alliance and is commanded by Admiral Ackbar.