Imperial Shuttle

Craft: Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle
Type: Transportation Craft
Length: 20 meters
Weapons: 10 Laser Cannors (8 forward, 2 aft)
Crew: 4 persons
Top Speed: 65 MGLT
Affiliation: Imperial

     Of all the space shuttles operating in the Imperial fleet, perhaps the most distinctive is the Lambda-class shuttle. The three-winged shuttle resembles an inverted Y in flight. The two lower wings fold upward when it lands. This type of shuttle carries up to twenty passengers (usually stormtroopers or high-level Imperial officials) and their gear, or the equivalent amount of material, plus the command crew (who operate the shuttle from the cockpit). Passengers and crew enter and exit the shuttle through a lower hatch which drops open when the craft has landed.
     This standard Imperial shuttle has become a mainstay of Imperial governmental transportation. The vessel's unusually strong defensive shielding made it a favorite of Palpatine's, who usually traveled alone in a luxuriously-appointed private shuttle dedicated to his use only.