Eclipse Super Star Destroyer

Craft: Kuat Drive Yards Eclipse Super Star Destroyer
Type: Capital Ship
Length: 17.5 kilometers
Weapons: 500 heavy laser cannons, 550 Turbolasers
Crew: Approx. 700,000 crew, 150,000 troops
Top Speed: Unknown
Affiliation: Imperial

     The Eclipse is a new Super Star Destroyer that is a stunning 17.5 kilometers in length. This makes it over twice as large as the original Super Star Destoyer and ten times as large as the ISD. The general purpose of this ship is to frighten enemy forces, for a frightened enemy is a defeated enemy. The ship is painted solid black to resemble the ships of long past.
     In combat, the Eclipe's hull and shields are so strong that they can literaly ram enemy capital ships. The ship is equipped with ten gravity well projectors to prevent enemies from escaping to hyperspace. Five hundred heavy laser cannons and 550 turbolasers make the ship capable of engaging entire fleets. The Eclipse can also carry fifty squadrons of TIE craft.
     Due to the extreme cost of this ship, production has been limited to a select few, with only one ship serving with the NREA at this time.