Death Star

Craft: Death Star Battle Station
Type: Deep-Space Mobile Battle Station
Diameter: 120 kilometers
Weapons: 15000 turbolasers, 700 tractor beam projectors, 1 Superlaser
Crew: 725000 support crew and gunners, plus 265000 troopers
Top Speed: 400 Kilometers Per Second
Affiliation: Imperial

     Even with his enormous Imperial space fleet in place, Palpatine felt that there was a certain lack of "respect" (and fear) for his rule among the worlds of the former Republic. Wanting to remedy the situation, he called upon the brightest of his spacecraft designers and demanded a vessel more magnificent and more powerful than any that had ever been in space before. His single demand was that the new battle fortress have the ability to destroy an entire planet with one quick, massive stroke, against which there could be no planetary defense.
     The Death Star battle station was to be the ultimate weapon in the Empire's arsenal. The battle stations, the size of a small moon and packed with more destructive fire power then the entire Imperial Fleet, required a huge crew to operate. The interior comprised of the Death Star had 84 levels measuring 1,428 meters each. Each level comprised of 357 sublevels measuring four meters each. The Death Star showed it's relentless power by destroying the planet of Alderaan. Even though the enormous battle station was constructed to be the ultimate weapon, it did have a weakness. The Rebels were able to find this weakness and they destroyed the Death Star in the battle of Yavin.