Incom-Verpine C-Wing Interceptor

Craft: Incom-Verpine C-Wing Interceptor
Type: Starfighter
Length: 17 meters
Weapons: 4 light lasers, 2 heavy lasers, 2 light ion cannons, one warhead launcher for 20 concussion missles, or 15 torpedos
Crew: 1 crew, plus 1 gunner or passenger
Top Speed: 250 MGLT
Affiliation: New Republic

     The C-Wing project was originally started during the Galactic Civil War to accomidate the Rebellion with a fast, durable fighter. The project was cut short when Imperial Intelligence learned of the fighter and the matter was dealt with personally by Lord Vader. Recently new data has arrisen concerning this very promising fighter. A officer at Incom located the plans for the original prototype while doing a routine data dump. Since that time Incom has made further modifications to the design and the ship has now earned itself a strong foothold in the New Republic Fleet.