Blockade Runner (Corellian Corvette)

Craft: CR90 Blockade Runner
Type: Capital Ship
Length: 150 meters
Weapons: Laser Cannons, One Warhead Launcher
Crew: Normally 46 persons
Top Speed: 20 MGLT
Affiliation: Rebel, Imperial, Pirates

     The Corellian Corvette was nicknamed the Blockade Runner by authorities because of it's heavy use by Corellian pirates.
     The Corellian Corvette is one of the most versatile spacecraft in use today, covering a wide range of uses from troop transport to cargo ship to passenger carrier. Unlike most vessels, which are highly specialized in function, the corvette is so easily converted to varying tasks that it is found throughout the galaxy. They are sometimes used for troop transport, light escort vessel, cargo transport, or passenger liner. It has a modular interior that is easily refigured for any use. Like other Corellian ships, it carries a fast hyperdrive system.