Craft: All Terrain Armored Transport
Type: Troop Transport & Assault Craft
Height: 16 meters
Weapons: Two Heavy Laser Cannons, Two Fire-Linked Medium Blasters
Crew: 3 persons
Top Speed: 60 Kilometers Per Hour
Affiliation: Imperial

     The AT-AT is a four legged combat vehicle that serves as a troop transport and also an assault craft. This vehicle provides high powered support to Imperioal ground forces. Each AT-AT walker has a movable head that contains the crew deck of a pilot's station, gunner's station, and a commanding officer/combat coordination station. The walker's armament of weapons are mounted on the sides of the head, and also the underside of the head.
     When the Empre began to design its military war machine, they wanted weapons to inspire fear and superstition into its opposing ground forces. When the AT-AT walks, it shakes the ground with each step, and usually instills fear in the hearts of it's opponents. This vehicle can carry up to 40 troops, and loads/unloads them by kneeling down and lowering it's assault ramps from its rear.