Jedi Knight Review

By Victor Roa

Hello, It's Adam the webmaster, I just want to say that Victor is a good friend of mine, and he wanted me to tell you his Microsoft Internet Gaming Zone User name is "DeadSouls"

Okay, first off I am a die-hard fan of this genre. The first person/ 3D/ corridor/ shooter/ Doom clone. In addition, I am proud to say that I have played them all. The best one has to be, with out a doubt, Dark Forces. Why? It had actual mission objectives, original level design, weapons with secondary use, useful gadgets and gizmos, cinematic sequences, and the game actually played like a Star Wars movie. I knew at the end that they were serious. In the final cinematic sequence Vader says, "The force is strong with Katarn." Now, Katarn is back with the Force.

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, has been a game that I have been following close to. I have read every interview, and seen every screenshot. Therefore, I knew what I was getting into. After four hours of downloading, I finally got my hand on Jedi knight. I never expected it to be this great. This truly is the best game of the year.

There are only two levels in the demo, one single player and one multiplayer, but many more in the real game. In the single, you have to sneak on board a ship by going through the full tanks. You have to empty the tanks, check that all doors are closed and avoid getting into any lazer fights around a pool of flammable fuel. The best part is when you start slipping and sliding through the fuel tanks; it is kinda like Luke at the end of Empire. The multi stage is sort of like the carbon-freezing chamber in Empire. The stage is set up so you cannot get stuck. Of course, there are so many very clever traps that you can lure your opponents into. In addition, there is a platform at the bottom of the stage that over looks the sun setting to the clouds. I found it to be the best place to fight. You could push your opponents off or try to save your own hide. Therefore, I expect the full version to have even better stages then this.

  • Graphics

    this is the only 3D/-shooter/ etc that does not fallow the typical Quake 3D engine. Sad to say that there is no major lighting effects in the demo. That is okay. The textures are nice and fit the Star Wars movies. I know some people are complaining about the textures, then get a 3D graphic accelerator. The character models are well done, and the animation is perfect. If you stay sill for a while your character will start to look around, scratch his head and swing his light saber. A first in this genre.

  • Sound

    perfect, clear. Lazer blast and light saber hums strait from the movies. The original Stormtrooper voices are excellent and sometimes funny.

  • Control

    the controls are just as good as Quake or Dark Forces. With no major glitches or problems. The beauty of the PC then Nintendo 64 and Sony Playstation is that there are enough buttons for each move that the game requires. I really suggest that you customize the control to the way you feel most comfortable with.

  • Level Design

    now the thing that really impressed me about Dark Forces was the level design was so real. The reason why it was so good is that Lucas Arts hired Berkeley architecture undergraduates (Jim Current, Ingar Shu, Matt Tuteishi, and Brett Tosti). I am glad to see that some of them are still on the crew. Architects are far better level designer then video game programmers (American McGee could never make a stage better then these guys).

  • Weapons

    well lets face it the Bryar Pistol is not too helpful in a multiplayer game. You should always change to a light saber whenever you start. The saber is the God of all the weapons in this game. I mean, what other weapon can take off 80 health points off an opponent. In addition, it is so much fun when you deflect lazer blast onto your opponents. Sabers can even reflect repeaters. For those who want big bangs then step up to the concussion rife and rail detonators. The newest weapon is the bowcaster that you always see Chewy holding in the movies. It can hit objects from very far away distances.
  • The Force

    Now this is what makes a Jedi a Jedi. There are 8 force abilities to have, and 14 to chose from. You can chose from Light and Dark sides of the Force. Deciding on what side to chose depends on what type a player, you are. The dark sides for those who really want quick kill; while, the light side is for those who want to fight. Set up the force powers to the way you want. Customization is the key to winning. In the end, I have found out that the Light side is the better out of the two.

  • Multiplayer

    Now this is the best part. Now before you can start you can select the color of your Light saber, the skin texture of your character, and what type of Force powers you want. So far there is one stage, you can play a free for all(Death match), and a Team mode(you can only be Kyle). The game runs smooth. I mean it really runs smooth, unlike Quake, Doom, Outlaws, or Duke Nukem. There are no slow downs, no glitches even on a 26.4 server. It is excellent. In Quake, if you get a Quad Rocket Launcher you are the winner. Here anyone can win. It all depends on if you are a better player. You have to know how to use your force abilities and how to actually fight. Anyone can win, I really mean it.

  • Over all

    This has to be the best game if the year. It has a fun Single player mode. With an even better multiplayer that is 10x better then Quake. It is not just for Star Wars fans or 3D/ Corridor/ Shooter/ Blab/ Blab fans. It is for anyone. What will be the future to Dark Forces III? Who knows, Jedi Knight is here forever.

    Here are some hyperlinks for those who cannot seem to get a connection with Lucas Arts. I know that every one is trying to D/L it from LucasArts' FTP site, and believe me it is impossible to get through.


    Demo File size: 20.2 MB


  • P90 required
  • 16 MB Ram
  • DirectX5 required
  • Places to Download Demo


    Places to get DirectX 5 (5 megs)