Wedge Antilles

Sound file: He's never seen anything so big!
Sound file: Wedge taking orders.
Home planet: Corellia
Status: Rebel X-Wing Pilot
Height: 1.7 meters
Sex: Male
Affiliation: Rebel Alliance
Weapon of choice: Blaster Pistol
First appearance: A New Hope

     The life of wedge has been around Freighters and Starships. His family ran a fueling station on the father parts of Gus Treta. It was not like high Society went there to get their fill up. The majority of the customers were pirates, murders, escaped convicts, scum and villainy.
     Well during the saddest moment in Wedges life, he was at the upper division schooling. He could not be there when it happened. A group of smugglers was at his Parents Fueling station. They had a run in with the local authority, so they blasted his way out of the station. Their ship was stilling being fueled up, and with all the blasting, caused a massive explosion and killed everyone.
     With the stocklight freighter insurance, Wedge had enough money to afford his own Freighter. However, his main goal in this job was to work for all the minorities. He wanted to be an honest businessperson in a job field that was run by pirates and smugglers. Nevertheless, being an honest business was not enough for Wedge to even pay the bills. It seems that most of the highs paying jobs were illegal.
     He could never be a pirate, he wanted to be more nobel. So he decided to be a smuggler for the Rebellion, he believed it was the most admirable thing to do. He became one of the best smugglers that the rebellion had ever seen. When dealing with the Empire the rebellion knew that, he was the best pilot around. From then, he rose to ranks to be a leader for their battles against the Battle of Yavin, Hoth, and Endor.