Darth Vader

Sound file: Trying to seduce Luke
Sound file: Vader having a hard time breathing
Home planet: Unknown
Status: Commander of Imperial fleet, Dark Lord of Sith
Height: 2.02 meters
Sex: Male
Affiliation: Imperial
Weapon of choice: Lightsaber
First appearance: A New Hope

     Anakin studied the ways of the force under Obi-Wan's teachings. Being impatient in his Jedi training made him susceptible to the dark side, which made him corrupt as he gave in to his anger and aggression. Anakin was almost killed by Obi-Wan in a battle, and then turned to the dark side. He was hurt badly, and the Emperor gave him the black suit with it's life support systems in it that he now wears. Anakin took the name Darth Vader when he turned to the dark side, and attempted to destroy all remaining Jedi.
     Vader and Luke battled each other, because the Emperor wanted Vader to bring Luke to the dark side, and he wanted to control the galaxy. Luke knew that Vader still had good in him, and Luke wanted to turn him back. As the Emperor was killing Luke, Vader picked up the Emperor and threw him off and into the core of the Death Star, were he died. As the Death Star was exploding,Luke took off Vaders helmet, so Luke could see his father's face. Without his helmet on, he could not breath, and he died.