Sound file: A Stormtrooper asks for identification
Sound file: A Stormtrooper can't find the plans
Home planet: Many planets
Status: Imperial Shock Troops
Height: Average of 1.8 meters
Sex: Male
Affiliation: Imperial
Weapon of choice: Imperial Issue Blaster
First appearance: A New Hope

     Stormtroopers are very loyal to the empipre and have great military discipline. There is speculation that they may be the result of Imperial cloning experiments(like those sheep). Their uniform consists of a white outer shell which acts as an anti-blaster cocoon. Under the this armor is a black, two piece temperature controled body glove. Their helmets feature polarized lenses and communication units which allow them to communicate with anyone on that frequency. They also have a utility belt, that contains a spare comlink,rations, batteries, and other survival equipment. This uniform allows them to operate in almost any environment.