The Max Rebo Band

Sound file: The band plays on...
Listed are various band members info together, in the order of:
Max Rebo/Sy Snootles/Droopy McCool.
Home planet: Orto/Unknown/Kirdo 3
Status: All band players entertain at Jabba's Palace
Height: 1.5 meters/Unknown/1.4 meters
Sex: Male/Female/Male
Affiliation: None
Weapon of choice: None
First appearance: Return of the Jedi

     Well they are a jizz band, no not jazz band. Max Rebo is the guy on that keyboard, who looks like a blue elephant. Sy Snoothles is the singer, with the long nose, and long legs. Droopy McCool is not in the picture, and I'm sorry about that. Droopy plays a flute-like instrument.
     They were all originally in a band named Evar Orbus and His Galatic Jizz Wailers. Well that band no longer exists, because Orbus was killed. The band renamed themselves The Max Rebo Band, and Jabba The Hutt liked them. Jabba offered them a lifetime contract, and to pay them with food. Rebo, loving food agreed. One day the band was called on to play at the "exectution" of a Jedi (Leia) and a pair of smugglers. Well Jabba was killed, and their contract with him ended.
     Max Rebo is still looking to play elsewhere.