Princess Leia Organa

Sound file: Leia is worried
Sound file: Leia is not responsible
Sound file: Leia talking to Han
Home planet: Alderaan
Status: Princess of Alderaan, Imperial Senator, Cell Leader of Rebel Alliance
Height: 1.5 meters
Sex: Female
Affiliation: Rebel Alliance
Weapon of choice: Blaster
First appearance: A New Hope

     After the Princess made unsuccesful attempts to bring change to the Empire, she became part of the Rebel Alliance. Immediately she became one of the Alliance's most popular and influential leaders. Leia often participated in secret missions for the Rebellion. One of these, that turned bad, was when she tried to deliver the technical readouts of the Death Star to the Rebels. She gave the plans to R2D2, who found Ben Kenobi. While being held on the Death Star she was torturted by Darth Vader, and forced to watch the destruction of the planet Alderaan. After being rescued by Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, she helped the Rebels to destroy the Death Star.