Sound file: Jawas celebrating
Sound file: Jawas shooting R2-D2
Home planet: Tatooine
Status: Scavengers, Traders
Height: About 1 meter
Sex: Both
Affiliation: None
Weapon of choice: Jawa Blaster
First appearance: A New Hope

     Jawas are intelligent, rodent-like, and smelly little creatures.The scavenge the deserts and cities for old machines, like droids. The jawas fix up the machines and droids, and resell them. They also have a lot in Mos Eisley, where they specialize in vehicle and starship repairs.
     Few people have ever seen Jawas without their hoods on. They have glowing eyes, and a bad smell. Jawas are kinda cowards. They have been in fights before, but only in defense. Their sandcrawlers have been attacked by Tusken Raiders, and by drangons from the Junkland Wastes.

The story of one jawa:
     When Het Nkik was young, he and a friend repaired a weaponry droid, but without the weapons, and got scolded by Wimateeka, their clan leader. During year the Death Star was destroyed, Het traveled to the gathering of the Jawa Clans. He searched for his friend (that helped rebulid that droid), but he couldn't find him.
     It turns out that his friend was on the Sandcrawler that was attacked by Stormtroopers, because they carried C-3PO and R2-D2. Het killed eight stormtroopers, out of revenge, but soon was silenced by another Stormtrooper, because the power pack from Het's blaster was stolen.