Jabba The Hutt (Jabba Desilijic Tiure)

Sound file: Jabba laughing
Home planet: Nal Hutta
Status: Crime Lord, Smuggler
Height: 3.9 meters in length
Sex: Male
Affiliation: None
Weapon of choice: Assassins and bounty hunters
First appearance: A New Hope SE, but original 1st appearance is Return of the Jedi

     Jabba was born to Zorba the Hutt, one of the top clan leaders. Zorba taught Jabba about crime, smugglers, and how to manipulate the law.
     At the ripe old age of 600 years and weighing one thousand kilograms, Jabba moved to Tatooine. He converted a spaceport at Mos Eisley into his house. It was the center of his crime empire, and heavily guarded. Many people worked for Jabba. One of his favorite employees was Salacious Crumb, who made Jabba laugh by mimicking visitors.
     He employed Han Solo and his ship (including chewbacca) to smuggle spices. Well one time, just as Solo came out of hyperspace, he was greeted by Imperials, wanting to board his ship. Solo jettisoned (dumped) the spices, which made Jabba put a price out on Solo's head. The bounty hunters started to look for him, and Boba Fett found him. Solo was froze in carbonite, and Jabba finnally got his prize, and put it on his wall.
     Han's friends came to save him, and they eventually succeed in getting Han back. In the process they kill Jabba The Hutt and friends, on his Sail Barge.