Gamorrean Guards

Home planet: Gamorr
Status: Protectors of Jabba the Hutt
Height: 1.8 meters
Sex: Male
Affiliation: Loyal to Jabba the Hutt
Weapon of choice: Vibro-ax
First appearance: Return of the Jedi

     The Gamorreans are forever at war with whoever will fight. The males, from birth are trained to fight in warfare and weaponry. Gamorreans will fight just about anyone, but on their home planet they have fought other clans. Their species was discovered by trade ships, who usually tried to enslave them. The Gamorreans however are violent, and their masters soon realized they would be better used as guards & soldiers.
     Gortogg was one of the twelve Gamorreans who came to Tatooine at the request of Jabba. It is a tradition of the Gamorreans to engage in combat before they agree to work. So when they asked to fight Jabba, he said sure, but that they had to be blind folded. They agreed, and Jabba had bounty hunters and other thugs beat them up. Only 9 survived this beating.
     The leader of the "fighting proficiency" (a nickname for the surviving nine Antoine) was Ortugg. Gartogg and other serserved palace sentries. Although Gamservedn understand many alien toungestongues language sounds like a bunch of grunts. The day that the famous destruction of Jabba, his folowerfollowersis sail barge met their match, Gartogg wasn't there.