Ewoks/Wicket W. Warrick

Sound file: Ewoks singing
Home planet: Endor/Endor
Status: Inhabitants of Endor
Height: Around 0.8 meters/0.8 meters
Sex: Both/Male
Affiliation: None/Rebel Alliance
Weapon of choice: Spear/Spear
First appearance: Return of the Jedi

     Ewoks are peaceful, primitive, furry, little life forms that live on Endor. They build villages in trees, about 50 meters from the ground. Ewoks believe in guardian spirits that "live in the trees". That is one of the reasons the Ewoks started to worship C-3PO. The ewoks have had battles with the Duloks, Morags and many others. The ewoks help the Rebels in their mission to save destroy the second Death Star.
     Wicket's father is Deej, and his mother is Shodu. He has two brothers, Weechee, the oldest, and Widdle, the middle child. Wicket is a curious ewok, along with his brothers, which has lead to many adventures. His Best friend is Princess Kneesaa. Together they helped save the ancient trees from the Phlogs chopping them down. Then they were named honorary council members of the Council of Elders.
     One time there was a "Star Crusier crash" (from an ewok movie on a TV Movie, I will see if i can tape the sound off the movie). Wicket and others took care of Cindel, and they became good friends. Cindel was later captured by Chardel, who took her to King Terak. Wicket helped to free her, and other captured Ewoks.
     One time on an expedition, Wicket came across an unconscious Princess Leia. At first he was frightened by her, but he liked her. When he returned to his village, he saw that her companions were captured by other Ewoks. The Ewoks joined in the battle against the Imperials and their AT-ST "Chicken Walkers". In doing this, they helped to shut down the second Death Star's shields.