Sound file: Chewbacca roars
Sound file: Chewie talking to Leia
Home planet: Kashyyyk
Status: co-pilot & mechanic of Millennium Falcon
Height: 2.28 meters
Sex: Male Wookie
Affiliation: Rebel Alliance
Weapon of choice: Bowcaster
First appearance: A New Hope

     Chewbacca's knowledge is basically of Mechanical gadgets and gizmos. At the the age of 80 when he decided to leave his home planet, Kashyyk, and pursue his dream of being a freighter Pilot. With his knowledge of mechanics he bought a average Freighter and suplied it for all his needs. He ran simple shipping jobs to put enough money in his pocket. Then 60 years later he decides to head back home, unaware of the Empire setting to enslave all Wookies.
     Chewbacca was captured and put into slavery. While being beat by Imperial Soldiers Chewbacca was helped by Imperial Commander Han Solo. Solo could not bare to see anyone be treated like this. With Han's assistance Chewbacca was a free Wookie again. Chewie pledged the Wookie Pledge of Life to Han Solo, for Solo for freeing him. Solo does not understand him so he just walks away. Chewbacca continues to follow Han till he caves in and accepts the Wookie Pledge of Life. Then Han and Chewie start to do their smuggling, and get into that mess with Jabba The Hut. Later they pilot Luke and Obi-wan to the Death Star to free Leia.