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Sorry but this news section will not give out too many spoilers. I personally would want to see the movie with out being spoiled. Yet, I want to know about what is going on certain rumors that float around the net. And we all know that Lucas has been hinting that he might sent out fake news to misinform people. So we want to give you enough information to be satisfied yet not enough to leave you disappointed on the film.
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If you have any, submit news on any thing that involves the Star Wars films.
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 July 29, 1999
6:49 PM

Coruscant. Well, sorry about the delay of updates on this site. All of that is due to the hard work I had to put into other project that I had and the fact that the Phantom Menace is finally out in the theaters. And why the heck are you here reading this? Go out there and see the film again. One site that I am very proud of that I want you to see is my Coruscant site. I was originally intending to release this around April, but a few surprises came my way to interupt the site's development. I would like to thank Adam for being so open minded about the site. The site is also a part of the Star Wars Network. Oh well, for now enjoy the art of Coruscant.