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Full Description of Imperial City

Like many important sited involved in the Galactic Civil War, Imperial City has had a long and tumultuous history. During the days of the Old Republic, it was known simply as Galactic City. Before the rise of the Empire, Galactic City served as the Senate. When Emperor Palpatine rose to power, he renamed the capital Imperial City and the metropolis became the ruling seat of his evil New Order. Upon the Empire’s defeat at the Battle of Endor, the New Republic claimed Imperial City as the capital of a new democratic government. Unfortunately, the New Republic had to take control of the Imperial City by force, driving the remnants of the Empire from Coruscant. Although the New Republic has controlled Imperial City for many years, the site’s name has not been changed.

Imperial City has long been crowded, cosmopolitan city. Under the rule of the Old Republic, the city attracted millions of different species. However the Emperor decreed that only human would be allowed to migrate to Imperial City. Since the rise of the New Republic, Imperial City has been reopened to all species.

Imperial City extends from the base of the Manarai Mountains and covers a huge portion of Coruscant’s main continent. The city’s architecture is grandiose and awesome, with massive buildings extending far into the sky. A portion of Imperial City is devoted to the ancient Senate Hall, which has craved stone pillars surrounding hundreds of benches arranged in tiers massive Imperial Palace, know simply as the capital building since the arrival of the New Republic. Believed to be an impregnable fortress, the entire edifice is constructed of gray-green rock and sparkling crystals. The building stands teller than every other structure on the planet and has delicate spires jutting from almost every surface. Within, the palace in decorated with hanging gardens, marble pyramids, and crystal roofs. The Emperor adorned some areas with patterns based on ancient Sith hieroglyphics. The palace also contains the Grand corridor, which links the Council chamber with the Assemblage auditorium. Personally designed by the Emperor Palpatine, the Grand Corridor features a high ceiling and cut glass windows. It is also lined with vibration-sensitive ch’hala trees, which are actually part of an elaborate surveillance system installed by the Emperor.

Always well-defended throughout the Galactic Civil War, Imperial City did not receive major damage until surviving members of the Emperor’s ruling circle and former Imperial commanders railed to attack the New Republic on Coruscant. The New Republic finally defeated all threats to the Coruscant’s safety and consolidated its power to reconstruct Imperial City, using devoted soldiers and giant construction droids to rebuild the damaged areas.

The lowest, darkest levels of the Imperial City were abandoned long ago and are now home to discarded equipment, wrecked starships, moss and lichen, and a host of terrifying creatures Among the monstrosities that wander the corridors beneath Imperial City are spider-roaches, armored rats, duracrete worms, shadow-barnacles, wild gangs such as the Lost Ones, and nameless subhumans. Because of these dangers, normal traffic is restricted from entering the city’s lowest levels.